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Exploring the Paradise

Whenever I feel stressed-out, I usually go to the mall and hunt for anything I could buy. I usually end up spending more than I should be and instead of saving it for future use, I always end up being broke, so so broke. 

This time, I tried something different. I don’t know if it was just me or my pregnant brain or my baby inside really wants me to get some air and enjoy the beach. So I asked my husband if we could go to Samal Island and breathe all the fresh air we could and dip a lil on the pristine beaches. Fortunately, he agreed despite the busy schedule. 

Samal Island has almost hundreds of beach resorts, a lot to choose from, some are fully developed, some are not. However, since I’m pregnant and I need the easiest travel, we decided to go to the best but super duper accesible – The Paradise Island. 

Paradise Island

As it’s name suggests, Paradise, it really is one. 

From home, we rode a jeepney to Sasa. You just have to let the driver know that you’re going to Paradise Island and they’ll drop you to where you can ride a boat for transport to the resort. Since they have their own mode of transpo, you can get rid of the barge and tricycle rides in Samal. 

This is the first thing you will see when you get there. Foods, holy moly foods. 😂

Then you’ll walk by a creek to get to the ‘bangka.’

Creepy creek. 👀 I wonder if there were crocodiles in there. 🐊

Yay! Free umbrellas because it’s raining. ☔️ 🌂

Once you’re in there, you will meet accomodating staff that will help you get to the transpo. 

The fare is 15Php per person on a minimum of 10 persons for 150php per bangca. However, no worries if you travel by one or twos because there are people who will go there as well so you have nothing to worry. Since we were only 6 when we were there and it’ll take much time if we wait for more passengers, the man asked us if we could just divide the 150php instead, and we agreed, so we paid 50php per pair. (That’s already cheap right?)

The travel time is just 5 minutes and you’ll be there before you even realized you’re there. 

The entrance fee is 200Php, kind of expensive for me but worth it. 

You can then proceed to their restaurant area if you don’t have foods with you or go to the self-serve area where you can enjoy your own foods. Good thing is that, there’s no corkage for foods, but for drinks, yes there is. 

Shoreline 🌊

Then here’s the wash room.

Cutest footwash ever. 👣😀

Korean translation, because Koreans love this place.

After we ate our lunch, the heat was somehow unbearable even if there’s air, so we ordered their Special Halo-Halo for 120Php which is really great for 16oz.

Halo-halo! The best!

And we dipped into the water and enjoyed the sea. 🌊 💦 ☀️ 

After that, I went to their souvenir shop where you can buy a lot of stuff from swim wears to tshirts, mugs with Paradise Island printed on it, ballers, barpins, and a lot more. They also sell necessary essentials you may need like sunblock, and I even saw a Q-tip there. 😂

Look, a giant chess. Yes, you can play there for 50php per 30minutes, so better be quick. 😂

They have table tennis as well, billiards and a lot more. This resort is like the Boracay of Samal Island because of the many foreigners you’ll see. Some go there just to take lunch because their food is really scrumptious. 

So why not try visit this paradise and see for yourself the amazing view. 

Acoustic session every lunch.

My husband, with his all time idol, PD30.

Daily and weekly events. Can I be here everyday?

Other attraction and amenities.

Updated rules and pricing.


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