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For months, the place my partner and I were renting in Davao is much of a hassle. It leaks water when it rains, it has no space for laundry and there are lots of roaches and rodents. We tried to look for place but unfortunately, we really cannot find decent place (something that will suit our taste) and is affordable too. There were apartments we’ve found but if not expensive, not furnished. So we decided to move to his province, were his family’s near who can help us (most specially we have a 3-month old baby), and an apartment we can afford that’s fine and dandy. It was a big decision for me as I need to leave my mom, dad and sister for this big step.

It was hard to convince them at first since my partner and I were not married yet so basically, we’re living together which is not really a good thing. After days and days of explanation, they finally agreed. Well, the reason of course is because my partner found a better work opportunity here and for me as well. Hopefully, everything will work well for him.

But as for me, I am still trying to fiddle with the place and the environment and the people. So hopefully, everything will fall into place. Be with me on my journey as I discover this new place, new people, new culture and new everything for me.

By the way, before I forget, we moved to Imus, Cavite, Philippines.



This is what our new apartment looks like. Don’t mind those kids, LOL! They were neighbors I guess.

The apartment is not quite big but my husband and I are fully satisfied as it’s really nice.

Below are some photos while we’re arranging stuff..

The neighborhood is quiet, which is really an advantage for me. Oh how I love silence. ❤

I will update you with my whole Imus or Cavite or Luzon experience as I go through this new journey of my life.

You, what’s one of the life changing transitions you have in your life?



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