An Open Letter to New Moms

Right now you feel terrified, insecure, wistful, happy, all these emotions come rushing to you. You don’t know where to start, what to do next and if you’re doing the right thing at the right time.

Are you overfeeding your baby or not feeding him enough? Is he all okay? Is he really healthy? A lot of questions on your mind.

You feel like no one understands you and that people think you are overprotective and overacting but that’s okay. They will never know until they are wearing your shoes. You wanna lose that baby weight but you can’t do a crash diet because your baby’s breastfeeding. You envy celebrity moms who got back in their body shape while here you are killing yourself with insecurity while you feed all those fats.

They say it’s never easy, but they never told you it will be this hard. You wanted to cry every time your baby cries at 3am knowing you did everything you could but you weren’t enough.

It will be okay, time will come, you will get over this and you will reach your goals. You will have that perfect body and face that you’ve been dreaming, you will finish school, you will get back to work, you will have a beautiful family and you will provide your child the best you could.

You may feel lost and alone right now, but to your child, you are everything. Notice how he cries when you leave his side, that’s because he wants you and only you. No matter what people say about you and your child, he’s yours and you have all the right.

You face the mirror and say, “One day, this too, shall pass.” It will all be worth it.

Cry if you needed to, I know you wanted to.

It will never be easy but always ask God for strength and courage because no matter how hard it is, He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Look at that little bundle of joy, he is your reward, shelled out from you.

Your child will grow up to be the very best and you will then be so proud of yourself, the tough break and uphill battle is worthwhile.

You’re the best Mom, don’t let anyone make you feel that you’re not.


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